CryptoESIGN enables companies to adopt legally binding digital signatures through its digital signature API

CryptoESIGN offers electronic signature and token-less digital signature on its cloud platform already with a single-screen word-inspired intuitive interface. With Digital Signature API, CryptoESIGN now enables

Token-less legally binding digital signature API release is another step to enable and accelerate customer’s digital transformation journey,
— (Ragu)nathan Kannan

enterprises to integrate digital signatures with their business applications through an API. The digital signature API facilitates individual and multi-party signatures, signing at specific signature locations, timestamping, long-term signature validity option through Certifying Agency, document archiving, e-mail notifications, and many more upgraded features. Large enterprises can integrate CryptoESIGN Digital Signature API with their ERP and other business systems and test them using CryptoESIGN sandbox at zero cost. “Token-less legally binding digital signature API release is another step to enable and accelerate customer’s digital transformation journey,” said (Ragu)nathan Kannan, Director, Sathguru Soft. “Globally, enterprises are fast adopting digital transformation including India and Aadhar linked token-less digital signature helps enterprises adopt a secure way of obtaining counter-party signature in less than a minute. In this pandemic-post world, a paperless digital signature is a way to go for enterprises to be agile and ready for meeting any business-interruption situation. This environment-friendly digital signature not only helps to save trees on earth but also saves cost and time while achieving smart execution of documents through API integration.
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Sathguru launches CryptoESIGN, cloud-based electronic signature software

CryptoESIGN is cloud-subscription based electronic signature software with a unique single-screen operational interface. CryptoESIGN uses a self-explanatory user interface concept to make navigation simple and easy for users. "We wanted to design a product that is easy for technology adept and non-technical users as well," said Kannan (Ragu) Nathan, Director. In these pandemic times, when everything is becoming digital, CryptoESIGN not only helps to cut turnaround time and increase efficiency but also builds trust and transparency through digital traceability.

CryptoESIGN self-explanatory user interface has no learning curve at all and needs no training to users. "CryptoESIGN will find a use case in every business irrespective of industry and size. With the rapid pace of innovation to integrate with blockchain and other added functionality in the near-immediate release, we wanted to provide a differentiated product to customers," he added.
"We want to make products that give great fulfillment to users and make them feel accomplished at every moment of their work," he further added.

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